We build solutions.

We Build Software That Harnesses the Power of Your Data. Safe, Secure, Reliable Deployment. Your data is with you everywhere you need it to be.

Aeon Development Group is an onshore provider of custom web, cloud, mobile, digital, hybrid desktop & cloud, and desktop software development. We provide consulting services to clients in every industry.

We can help your business Level UP ^^ 

We are business process consultants, reviewing the needs of your business workflow and creating software developed just for you from this needs based analysis.



FileMaker Development

We build custom applications designed around your business rules. Agile, evolving apps that grow with you.

Business Process Consultants

We work closely with you to build solutions for your companies specialized needs.

Platform Development

Aeon Development Group builds software for multiple industries.

Web Development

We build web applications. Full stack. We connect and integrate web data with systems.

filePro Conversions

We convert filePro Systems into modern structures you can extract data from easily.

Expert Witness

Our prowess has helped clients win court cases.


Experts in E-Commerce systems development and integration. A full range of e-commerce with a focus on supply chain and more!

Data Architects

Data architecture and planning to make you a success.

Same Height Control

filePro Conversions

Getting access to your data and the ability to generate reports for your customers and staff are so important. filePro does not offer easy GUI options. We can review your current application and discuss options for improvement with you.

Our suggestion will be to redesign your application in FileMaker Pro. We can Integrate your information with 3rd party applications and services.

Same Height Control

Systems Migration

Excel to FileMaker and Beyond! Excel is everywhere. Are you ready to take your data to the next level? There may be redundancies in the workflow.

Your employees deserve better systems to manage your data, and you deserve the transparency that FileMaker can provide. Contact us today and we can elevate your data!

Same Height Control

Web Development

Aeon DG provides a full range of Web Development. We integrate FileMaker with a variety of websites, through a wide range of technologies. We do full stack development, building php/mySQL solutions for e-commerce and a wide variety of other applications.

Same Height Control

Expert Witness

We’ve helped our clients in court. Our expertise in technical fields, ranging from filePro development to email authentication provides you with the confidence you need to win your case.



We develop full-scale platforms for a variety of industries. FileMaker is the basis for our applications. It’s built on a strong foundation. We can also start with one of our platforms and customize it for your specific needs.


LMX Systems

LMX is a complete dispatch, manifest, invoice, delivery, quote, rating, appointment, trailer tracking and A/R System. Built by experts in the Logistics Industry.


Flow Aeon

Flow Aeon is a business productivity platform for a range of industries. A complete inventory, customer, order, quote, shipment, A/R System. Built by experts in FileMaker.


Aeon Sapphire

Simple Accounting Per Human Interface Requirements. We can integrate Sapphire with both LMX and Flow Aeon, as well as 3rd Applications.



Our web integration platform that connects E-Commerce Systems to your Existing POS (or one we build for you).

Agile, Driven Development.

Your software should evolve – we constantly monitor and update our technology to interact with bleeding edge apps, integrating many core technologies to work together in the modern development arena.

imac 606765_1280

Cutting Edge Development

Aeon provides cutting edge web development and design services.

Our focus is on seamless communication of your core values through intuitive interfaces that carry your brand seamlessly.

Responsive design is a cornerstone of our approach. Screens vary and the message must sustain and adapt across a multitude of variations.

Your customer’s connect through their mobile devices. We make this a seamless process.

You need a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. We do that.

We provide you with the tools you need to securely move your merchandise online.

Our Process


We watch.

Observation of workflow is essential.


We listen.

To understand.


We connect concepts

and build you a structure you will love!


We build efficient systems.

that are agile and can grow.

Our Technology Partners

FileMaker Logo

FileMaker Pro

We develop with FileMaker to provide a solid, agile foundation. Collectively we have more than 30 years of experience with FileMaker and FileMaker Pro. We love it!


2X | Parallels

We partner with 2X to provide thin client solutions.



Safe, affordable cloud hosting. We love linode for many reasons, it is a cornerstone for us.



We choose Laravel as the basis for many of our web applications. It is the most elegant PHP framework and it is fast becoming a worldwide favorite.

cpanel whm-logo2

cPanel and WHM

cPanel and WHM is a time tested, power packed and reliable hosting and server management system. We offer hosting services around this ecosystem.

microsoft teams-1


Microsoft Teams is a strong suite of tools we use for better communication, distance meetings, and resource sharing.


Tumult Hype

Hype assists in the creation of animated and interactive HTML5 content. We use it for everything from responsive animations to javascript apps.


Blocs App

Blocs app helps us realize a visual representation of HTML5 web page concepts easily and quickly.


Virtual Min

Virtualmin is a web hosting control panel, designed to make it easy to manage websites, mailbox users, databases, and web applications.


Web Min

Webmin is the most popular web-based systems management UI for Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X systems.


PHP MyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a mature project with a stable and flexible code base; its part of our core development process and we extend it to all of our hosted options.


vmware ESXi

We use virtual servers to realize results much faster.  Hybrid Cloud solutions that allow rapid, dependable development.