CASE STUDY: Advantix Logistics

Advantix Logistics

Advantix Logistics

We built an informational website from the ground up.

Project summary

Advantix Logistics website was initially not a strong informational site. Very simple, with no real detail about what the company does or how they work. They needed a site they could change easily that looks good and provides updated and fresh info, that would provide data for those who wanted an understanding and inspire contact.


In order to create the design that looked beautiful and carried the message effectively, we first must have a clear understanding of what the company provides and what are its goals of communication. We completed a comparative analysis of other firms that provide a similar service. That analysis became the rough draft of content and we then created the site around it, providing UXI. We rebuilt the logo without changing the design and prepared it for use (transparency in background) created the graphical elements (icons) and edited stock photos or took photos where possible.

Architecture and Scripting, UXI

Analysis of competition

Content over Design

Analysis of needs

Logo re-structure and photo digital illustrations

Clean, modern interface built around informative approach.

Streamline information


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